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People have a need to express themselves and make themselves heard. Creative writing is a great way to do this and it is widely accepted that it is good for us, feeding and nurturing our minds and souls.

We can write about our dreams, about what we may be thinking, our beliefs or even fanciful stories. Writing helps us to reflect on our thoughts as well as what may be going on in our lives. Professor of Psychology Joshua Smyth believes that writing is good for your mental and physical health. In a study, he concluded that if people write about things that are on their mind, in their thoughts or happening in their lives, it helps them to make sense of things, gain perspective, or simply relax through escapism.

The Brain Charity will be holding our second annual Burns Night celebration on the evening of Saturday 28th January 2017. Join us for fantastic food, company and atmosphere, in what is a great opportunity to get creative by writing something unique for the night. Be it your thoughts, a short story or poem, put pen to paper for our 'open mic' and set your imagination free.

Burns Night celebration at The Brain Charity
7pm, Saturday 28th January 2017
Tickets: £5 per person, including Burns supper