Music Makes Us! at The Drive

Join us for The Brain Charity’s physiotherapy through dance sessions.

Music Makes Us! is starting on 12th July, 2022 and running for 12 weeks on Tuesdays at 11am at The Drive on Finch Lane.

Sessions will:

  • Maintain balance and flexibility
  • Minimise the risk of trips and falls in the future
  • Retain independence for as long as possible
  • Improve mood and reduce anxiety
  • Activate multiple parts of the brain – increasing neuroplasticity
  • Enjoy social engagement
  • Flood the body with feel-good chemicals, boosting mood

To get involved just click the sign up button today.

Email with any questions.

Reserve your free place

Venue  The Drive
Date Tuesday, 30th August, 2022
Starts 11:00
Ends 12:00