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Stand firm

- #73 by GordonWMilward
Stand firm was created by GordonWMilward
Stand Firm

We live in an unpredictable World
Yet if we knew the future there would be no future life would be mundane, boring we would lose all what life has to throw at us, be it happiness, sadness, there would be no tomorrows just a life filled with hope for some or complete heartache for others. You could say well this is our time but what if it became so unbearable who would you turn to, if there are two of you each other, alone your determination to stand firm and demand to be heard and not wait for some so called do gooders who would take away your independence and stick you in a nursing home of sorts to die.
We must stand firm and keep a sense of wellbeing no matter what happens “An English man’s home will always be his castle” man the barricades against bureaucracy, hypocrisy and don’t let your life be take away it’s very precious no matter how unpredictable it is.
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