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Virtual Reality Arm-Training

- #214 by The Brain Charity
Virtual Reality Arm-Training was created by The Brain Charity
It is estimated that 120 million people worldwide are diagnosed with an arm-paralysis (hemiparesis) and struggle with daily life activities as a result. This has a huge impact on their social life, work and hobbies. In short, their whole life is turned upside down and suddenly they rely on external help for every single step.

To get back to an independent life as quickly as possible, patients have to repeat very simple movements very often. However, traditional training is often very tedious and requires a lot of self-discipline, which makes it very hard for many patients to stick to their therapy plan.

Rehago motivates people with fun Virtual Reality exercises to train more often and encourages users to regularly push their performance to the limit, which can shorten rehabilitation times and help them to live independently again.

The exercises are based on neuro-psychological insight and are created in close consultation with therapists. Gamification elements, like trophies and level systems, increase the fun of the training and motivate people to train regularly.

Rehago is designed with accessibility at the core. Easy and well-known games like memory challenges or a marble labyrinth make Virtual Reality easy to understand - even for people experiencing the cognitive disabilities that often come along with a stroke.

Rehago is compatible with standard off the shelf hardware, which makes it financially accessible too.

Rehago was a nominee for the Innovation Award 2019 at the European NeuroConvention where many therapists and patients were excited to experience the VR training.
You can find out more online and get started with your training right away.


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