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Advice on handling peripheral neuropathy

#197 by Nick Butler
Advice on handling peripheral neuropathy was created by Nick Butler
Hello everyone
Just joined in the hope that I can get some advice. I'm struggling with my neuropathy, on pregabalin and working up towards 600mg daily, but the pain is often unbearable, especially when I am trying to relax in the evenings.
Is there anyone on here suffering the same problem who can offer me any advice. What to do, any foods that help, a particular form of exercise.
Thank you in advance.

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#200 by starlight
Replied by starlight on topic Advice on handling peripheral neuropathy
Hi Nick,
I have just joined too.  Sorry to hear you suffering so much.  I have been trying to cope with my neuropath for over 3 years now.  I have looked at
many youtube videos on this topic, you might have done the same.  I am on a trial of Gabapentin, and hate the side affects.
I have tried deep breathing , and cut out all sugars from my diet.  Peripheral neuropathy damage for me is linked to my connective tissue
disorder of Ehlers Danlos syndrome, and not Diabetes.

I also found, that to cope with dizzy spells, and lightheadedness. if your sitting just do a marching movement as you would when walking.  I found this
helps with circulation before standing.  Eating healthy, lots of veggies,  would also help.  You probably know most of this already. 

I also think there is a great link to our emotional stress levels, that aggravates our nerves.  So I would suggest, listening to your favourte
music, try the deep breathing, calm your mind to relax your body and see how that works.  The first time i had that electric shock crippling sensation
in my lower spine, I screamed and felt paralysed. Couldnt move for nearly 30 minute.  That was my first major attack, so I do understand.

I know we have to live with this, but I do believe we can try what helps.  I strongly believe in reducing stress levels to give our bodies time to relax and to feel more calmer.  Try and distract yourself if possible, anything that will change the way you think about your condition.  I love writing , but sometimes I can not write because of cramps and weakness in my fingers.  So I hope this helps somewhat, and look after you.

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