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Peak – Brain Games App

- #179 by The Brain Charity
Peak – Brain Games App was created by The Brain Charity
Peak is an app for smartphones and tablets which aims to make brain training fun and rewarding.
Our team member Siobhan, who uses the app, says:
"I felt like my brain was getting a bit sluggish a little while ago, so I decided to have a little rummage around for a kind of ‘brain training’ app to keep the old cogs turning. I tried a few but I wound up loving Peak! It’s a daily brain training app that sets you workouts every day to target certain areas of performance – memory, coordination, language, focus, mental agility, emotion and problem solving.

"It’s not a time-thief either – you can only do a maximum of 6 activities a day unless you have a paid account, and you slowly build up an overall brain score. It’s not competitive and it’s just a really interesting way of learning how your brain works and which things you’re naturally best at. The workouts are really fun and varied and they mix it up so you don’t get bored too easily."

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