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Cant put up much longer with these headaches

#223 by Lee
I'm a newbie here so be gentle, i'm 34 yr old male who for the majority of my life suffered from headaches daily.
Throughout the time i have now categorized my headaches into what i can describe as the following:

"Annoying" headache where i get agitated but can still just about continue with daily life
"Severe" headache where i must be left alone as i become so agitated and turn nasty.
"Bed Ridden" headache where no matter what i do i must go to bed 

Naively i assumed everyone got headaches daily and for alot of my life got on with it and just thought i was somewhat a mardy person, it was only on being diagnosed with depression and anxiety i started to explain to the GP about how bad and how frequent my headaches were.
I was sent for a brain scan and from this i was prescribed various tablets Naproxen/propranolol and citalopram this was over 5 years ago and still to this day i get them daily no matter what i try and do.

To add to this I've developed vertigo where any form of bending, looking down or turning around for a prolonged amount of time will cause me to get vertigo the next day.
Everytime i go to the Doctor i get the impression they're lost what to do with me, they tell me i'm taking to many tablets and recently put me on sumatriptan and prescribed me with 6 tablets and told me to see them in a months time, well them 6 tablets went within days and i got some more and now they've gone. I'm currently on my 3rd pack within 2 weeks!

I have no energy although i think this is from depression tablets, i'm agitated all the time from the headaches waking up thinking when is the headache going to come on, i have to now plan my day thinking if i drive to much i know i will need to stop because im bound to get a "bed ridden" headache

Considering i have depression and anxiety and headaches every day and all day i'm lost what to do, need help as i'm at totally at the end of what to do
I cannot remember the last time i didnt have a headache in a day.

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