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Chronic traumatic encephalopathy

#296 by Kevin Day
Chronic traumatic encephalopathy was created by Kevin Day
7 years ago I was assaulted while working as a teacher in a prison and hit very hard on the top of the head several times.  I had several seconds of lost consciousness and still cannot remember much of what happened.  I am 56 years old.I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and PTSD 2 years ago.I have always wondered why I didn't even have an x-ray and so I recently asked my GP for an MRI: The findings were"There is volume loss in bifrontal lobes with resultant gliosis consistent with encephalomalacia" and then referring to it later "memory loss in this patient is most likely due to above described chronic traumatic encephalopathy"."No mesial temporal atropy/chronic microangiopathy suggestive of Alzheimer'sdisease/vascular dementia.""An extra-axial lesion measuring 24 x 15 mm in the right middle cranial fossa consistent with an arachnoid cyst."I am puzzled by how this diagnosis has been made, I thought you could only diagnose CTE on autopsy.It will be months before I can see a neurologist and my GP has no experience of CTE.I am no longer well enough to drive or work. I suffer from extreme fatigue, headaches,anxiety, depression, poor short-term memory, un-refreshed sleep, no sense of smell but hyper-sensitive hearing.

I cannot get any benefits, the DWP will not accept that I have any mental problems.  The biggest problem is that I look well.
I was refused compensation because I returned to work with 6 months.  I have fought relentlessly for 14 months to try and get them to acknowledge that I have mental problems.  2 months ago I formally complained that they are discriminating against me because I do not look disabled, that was 2 months ago and all I can get from the DWP when I ring up is that the complaint has "gone to the resolution centre in Wales, but we have no contact details".   

Getting any meaningful support of any kind seems impossible.  I do not know what I would have to do to get people to accept that I am not well.Any comments would be appreciated, do not worry about upsetting me, I know my time is limited, but it would help me to understand more about what this diagnosis means for me, what treatment options I might have and what to ask the neurologist when I eventually see them.Many thanks, Kevin (UK)

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