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Find the Value of You: The Brain Charity launches free confidence coaching

Our coaches will teach clients techniques to improve their confidence

The Brain Charity is offering free confidence coaching to anyone in Liverpool affected by a neurological condition.

We have recently launched our Value of You confidence coaching project thanks to £60,000 of funding from The Life Rooms.

The Brain Charity’s staff saw the need for confidence coaching as people with neurological conditions often feel reminded of their limitations. This can reduce self-esteem, potentially leading to unemployment, financial difficulties and mental health problems.

The Brain Charity’s tailored confidence coaching sessions are designed to remove self-limiting beliefs using a range of techniques. These include grounding, breathwork and positive affirmations, so clients feel more independent and empowered to help themselves.

The aim is that this will help them feel more able to enter the workplace or apply for new opportunities – whether jobs, volunteering, training or education.

Rhian Beckett, Head of Employment and Welfare Projects at The Brain Charity, said: “We are really excited to have been awarded funding from The Life Rooms to launch a service we recognise is so sought after across our community.

“Our service users often report feelings of low confidence and self-esteem in part due to their neurological condition or disability.

“Our coaches will work holistically with participants to deliver client-led, person-centred coaching which is tailored to the person seeking support.”

Confidence coaching session with The Brain Charity
The Brain Charity’s confidence coach Mandy

Anyone who lives within the boundaries of Liverpool City Council and is affected by a neurological condition (whether they have one themselves or care for someone who does) is eligible to receive coaching.

Sessions will take place both one-to-one and in groups at The Brain Charity’s centre in Liverpool in blocks of 6 to 8 weeks. They will also be held at different venues across Merseyside and via video call.

Particular support is available for parents who have neurological conditions or care for children affected.

Michael Crilly, Director of Social Inclusion & Participation at The Life Rooms, said: “We are so lucky to have such a diverse and vibrant voluntary sector in our city.

“The sector played a vital role in supporting our communities during the pandemic.

“As we work towards recovery, we are proud to commission two VCSE organisations who are seeking to support our communities’ wellbeing through innovative activity and meaningful partnerships, helping them to gain or remain in paid employment.”

Fill out the form on this page to self-refer for free confidence coaching from The Brain Charity.

Alternatively, email or call 07888 301735 (Mandy) or 07888 310 811 (Emily).

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Published: 26 August 2022