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The National is known globally for its thundering hoofed excitement and people come to the city from all over to see it. Here in Liverpool, we nearly all have affection for it, have a story to tell about how the winner was nearly picked, and tend to watch it communally.
Starter’s orders and they’re off! The Brain Charity will be celebrating the world’s premier steeplechase, Liverpool’s very own, The Grand National.

On the 9th of April we will be showing the race on the big screen at The Brain Charity from 4pm onwards. With food being provided, tickets at just £5 are unlikely to be available furlong. So place your bet, get on track and join us to cheer on your pick in our thoroughbred gathering.

Be a front runner and race over the finishing line to get your tickets. Stampede to Norton Street, trot over to our events calendar, or gallop to the phones and call us on 0151 298 2999 to get yours.