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According to a 2018 commission on Dementia and Music, there is now “…emerging evidence to suggest that music may help to delay the onset of dementia and improve brain function and information recall”

For people who find verbal communication increasingly difficult, using singing and dancing can provide a lifeline - not to mention providing spouses, caregivers and family members with alternative ways of enjoying time together in which communication is prioritised as fun.

The Brain Charity has launched an innovative new series of ongoing 12-week therapy workshops. We are offering Speech & Language Therapy through singing and Physiotherapy through movement to music, and these workshops aim to empower participants through a love of music, in order to improve their communication and mobility.

Participants can expect a warm, inclusive atmosphere and access to person-centred therapy within the hour-long sessions. There will also be a chance to speak to the therapists one-on-one, either side of the workshop. There is absolutely no experience necessary (an opera background isn’t required!), and everyone can join in at their own level of comfort and challenge. Even better – the workshops are FREE of charge to participants, and refreshments will be provided.

Places are limited and will fill up quickly! To book a slot and get your dance card filled, please ring us on: 0151 298 2999.
Or drop a line to Kym.

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Thank you to Quilter Cheviot Investment Management for making these workshops possible.Sponsored by Quilter Cheviot