Abstract Animal 2019 by Linda-Gordon

Art Exhibition - Fabric Festival 2019 Events

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This exhibition forms part of The Fabric District Festival 2019 and will run throughout the festival from 7th-9th June:


Friday 7th 6pm – 9pm
Saturday 8th 11am – 5pm
Sunday 9th 11am – 5pm

'The Interconnectedness of Things'
By Linda Gordon

A small exhibition of semi-abstract paintings and drawings by Linda Gordon making their exhibition debut at The Brain Charity as part of the Fabric District Arts Festival 2019. The works were chosen by the artist as they echo the Festival's theme of 'Social Fabric'. Curated by Nanette Mellor CEO of The Brain Charity.

Each of the works was drawn using one continuous line, there is no beginning and no end, reflecting the continuum of life, the interconnectedness of everything. Depicting an animal and three birds, only one work 'Deity' depicts a human. They convey the fact that all creatures are sentient beings and for the most part social and gregarious. It is in and through community that our lives begin and we live and achieve things. The works comment on both human and animal worlds and also their intersection. The artist is of the belief that each species of creature has its own separate and unique emotion, unique unto itself, that no other species shares. Almost all creatures live within their own social aggregations, as well as being interconnected, some sharing their lives socially with humans.

The exception to this is the drawing 'Way There' which conveys a journey of any kind. Here each shape and line is intersected, nothing is in isolation, bringing a coherent and inherent interconnectedness to the work.

The artist is self-taught predominantly producing abstract and semi-abstract work to convey that which cannot be depicted otherwise. She has participated in several art projects and exhibitions locally, nationally and internationally.

Limited edition prints signed, titled and numbered by the artist will be available of:

'Abstract Bird' A4 size on 350psm acid free card, colour fast, unframed. Edition of 20. £25 each.
'Abstract Animal' A3 size on 350gsm acid free card, colour fast, unframed. Edition of 20 £35 each.

All proceeds going to The Brain Charity.

HSR 2018 Photovoice
(By various artists)

Originally curated for the Health Systems Global 2018, the exhibition “HSR2018 Photovoice” features photographs from 31 photovoice health research projects. The exhibition reveals individual perspectives on community health systems in Africa, India, US, Canada, Mexico and UK.

The exhibition is free to attend and open to all.