Fight Back get fit with The Brain Charity at Greenbank Sports Academy

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The Brain Charity has teamed up with local charities to offer our users the chance to exercise for free at Greenbank Sports Academy in Liverpool.

Sessions are delivered each Tuesday 11am-12 noon by Greenbank's coaches. They are free to attend for anyone with a neurological condition; carers are welcome to join in too.

Sports on offer include: boccia, polybat, indoor curling, tandem bikes and powerchair football delivered in Greenbank's sports hall, which provides a safe and welcoming space for people of all abilities. We hope these sessions will lead to all round personal development by improving physical health and helping to beat social isolation.

A free, fully accessible Greenbank minibus is available to take people from The Brain Charity to Greenbank. It will leave The Brain Charity at 10.30am and return for 1pm. Please provide 24 hours advance notice if you would like to use this transport. If you’re a wheelchair user, please let us know as we’ll need to remove seats etc. for your trip.

After this event there will be half an hour break followed by rebound therapy. Unfortunately, no return bus To the Brain Charity is available after rebound. Rebound therapy is a trampoline based exercise and relaxation opportunity. Again fully accessible and free, but we’ll need advance notice if you would like to join in with this one hour therapy.

This event is delivered in partnership with Ataxia North West Support Group and funded by Sports England.

Venue: Greenbank Sports Academy

Date: Tuesdays

Time: 11am - 12 noon  (10.30am - 12.30pm if using pre-booked minibus from The Brain Charity)