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News items

The Brain Charity's clients enjoying the wheels for all accessible cycling scheme

Success of cycling scheme proves wheels really are for all – with 245 miles ridden

18 clients and 6 staff have got out and about on bikes with Cycling Projects and Wheels for All

Category: Features

Published: 5 January 2022

Steve his cousin Simon and Simon's wife Vanessa on the finished bridge

DIY novice builds 50ft bridge across garden pond in lockdown to raise thousands for The Brain Charity

Steve George raised more than £10,000 by completing the five-month challenge

Category: Features

Published: 17 December 2021

Overcoming anxiety

The rise in COVID-19-related anxiety – and how to help

The pandemic is still having a huge impact on mental health

Category: Features

Published: 12 November 2021

Lisa and Spud the hamster enjoyed many adventures adventures

Spud the hamster’s lockdown adventures kept world smiling through lockdown

Spud received letters from The Queen, Sir David Attenborough and President Macron

Category: Features

Published: 11 November 2021

Mother holding child

Six things no one tells you when your child is diagnosed with a neurological condition

A mum whose daughter had a postnatal stroke 12 hours after she was born shares her advice

Category: Features

Published: 8 November 2021

Long-COVID header image

Are you living with long COVID? Here’s how to manage your symptoms at home

Here are some day-to-day tips on dealing with the issues you may be facing

Category: Features

Published: 2 November 2021

Music makes us move! Dementia support through dance at The Brain Charity in Liverpool

How to help someone living with dementia deal with the COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is especially dangerous for over-70s

Category: Features

Published: 26 September 2021


What is neurodiversity? Explaining how some people’s brains work differently

People who are neurodiverse and neurodivergent are a huge asset to society

Category: Features

Published: 18 September 2021

neuroplasticity - your brain can adapt, strengthen existing connections, and even make new ones.

What is neuroplasticity? The brain’s incredible ability to change itself

Engaging in brain training can help alternative neural pathways develop

Category: Features

Published: 18 August 2021

Spoonies spoon header image

What’s spoon theory? The metaphor helping people with chronic illnesses and disabilities plan their days

The #spoonies hashtag unites people who struggle with energy management

Category: Features

Published: 18 July 2021