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Fatigue Management talk slideshow now available

‘Fatigue’ is so much more than just being tired, it can be difficult and debilitating to cope with and have a huge effect on a person’s whole life - affecting their mind, body & personality. 

At the recent Health and Wellbeing Day at The Brain Charity, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Suzanne Simpson who is an Occupational Therapist at The Walton Centre in Liverpool. Suzanne gave a very helpful talk on Fatigue Management and we're happy to be able to provide the PowerPoint* slides from her presentation for download below.

Fatigue Management by Suzanne Simpson, Occupational Therapist, The Walton Centre, Liverpool.

Fatigue Management Slideshow

*a PowerPoint program will be needed to view these slides, if you don’t have one on your device please click here to find out about some options for free PowerPoint viewers, or view the PDF version on the link below..