Coronavirus: How to get Help

Sign up here for coronavirus support as an extremely vulnerable person from the UK Government.

The Brain Charity can also help anyone with a neurological condition, their family and carers with shopping, collecting prescriptions, etc.

If you need help, please get in touch: Email The Brain Charity or call us free on 0800 008 6417 (Monday-Friday: 9am-4.30pm)

dementia workshops at The Brain Charity

Dementia is an umbrella term for a group of symptoms that have a negative effect on memory. It is estimated to affect over 850,000 in the UK alone. In the last few years, studies have been carried out which show that, even though dementia affects the parts of the brain that process language, when people with dementia take part in singing they can still recall songs and associated memories – even from their childhood.

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The Brain Charity is proud to announce that we are now a Hate Crime Reporting Centre and we can report hate crime to the police on behalf of hate crime victims. Anyone can come to us to report a hate crime and all conversations will be treated confidentially and handled in the appropriate manner; we are a safe space and we treat everyone with respect.

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We were delighted to see that The Brain Charity has been recognised as one of The Best Charity Employers in Liverpool by the top job-listing website Gumtree Jobs. It’s great to be mentioned alongside other fab charitable organisations from the city like the Alternative Futures Group, Sunflowers and The Bloom Appeal.

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