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Ask your MP to attend The Brain Charity’s ‘It’s All In Your Head’ campaign launch 

Write to your MP asking them to back the 1 in 6 people with neurological conditions

The Brain Charity is currently working on a report into the frequent delayed diagnosis of neurological conditions.  

The report is the result of a survey with more than 800 clients who shared their experiences of diagnosis. The report will also highlight other key themes including a lack of awareness and support and the impact on mental health.  

We need help from supporters, campaigners and those who have a story to tell about their diagnosis journey to make sure we have as many voices talking about the issues affecting people with neurological conditions.  

Ask your local MP to attend our launch event in Parliament on Wednesday, the 6th of September at 1pm. You can also ask your MP to pledge their support to back the 1 in 6 people affected by neurological conditions.  

How to write a letter to your MP

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MPs are representatives of their constituencies and should address concerns that affect their constituents directly, and that they are passionate about.  

If you are passionate about a cause, you can find out who your MP is and contact them directly by visiting Once on the website, enter your postcode to find out who your local MP is. You can find out their mailing address or email your MP by clicking on their name and pasting your message into the box. We advise personalising your letter and tailoring it to reflect your own experience.

If you prefer, you can write to your MP directly from your email account. You can search for your MP’s email address on the UK Parliament website.

Get your MP to pledge their support about neurological conditions 

MPs will be particularly interested in hearing about issues that have a direct impact on their consistuents. If you have a personal experience of a neurological condition and a diagnosis story you want to share, include it in your letter or email.  

If you send your letter via email, please copy in, so we can note which MPs have received an invitation to the event.  

If you have any questions about The Brain Charity’s report into diagnoses, or want to learn about other ways to get involved in this campaign, email

Template for writing a letter to your MP 

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Dear [MP’S NAME], 

I am writing to you as a UK citizen in your constituency about the launch of a report into the misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis of neurological conditions.  

The It’s All In Your Head report has been created following a survey conducted by The Brain Charity, an organisation which provides support for anyone based in the UK with a neurological condition, and their family, friends and carers too. There are more than 600 neurological conditions, including stroke, dementia, ADHD, multiple sclerosis (MS) and cerebral palsy. It is estimated that 1 in 6 people are living with a neurological condition in the UK.  

The survey of more than 800 people found when attending a GP fewer than 1 in 3 felt their concerns were being taken seriously. Additionally, 37% felt they could, or should have been diagnosed quicker or with fewer appointments.  


I am concerned about the findings of this report, and the potential missed opportunities to diagnose neurological conditions at an early stage. I am sure that you are also concerned about the effect delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis will have on your constituents who are living with a neurological condition, as well as their family and carers.  

Please could you attend The Brain Charity’s It’s All In Your Head campaign launch event at Houses of Parliament on Wednesday, 6th September in the Jubilee Room between 1pm and 3pm. The event will be hosted by Sir Chris Bryant MP, the chair of the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) APPG. You will be able to speak directly with those who have been affected by misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of a neurological condition. You will also receive a pack including the It’s All In Your Head report. Also speaking at the event will be the CEO of The Brain Charity, Pippa Sargent, to discuss the recommendations from the report.  

Please RSVP to by 4pm Friday, 1st September. I would be happy to discuss with you why I am passionate about the findings of this report if you would like to contact me on [OPTIONAL – ENTER YOUR CONTACT DETAILS] 

I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Yours faithfully,  


Other ways to support The Brain Charity’s It’s All In Your Head campaign 

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If you have a Twitter account, as well as writing to your MP, you can tweet them directly. You can find your MP’s Twitter handle on Put in your postcode and click ‘Tweet your MP’. You can copy and paste the text below to ask your MP to attend The Brain Charity’s It’s All In Your Head report launch.  

Hello [Insert MP’s Twitter handle], I’m your constituent and I’m calling on you to #Backthe1in6 with neurological conditions. Please attend the launch of the #ItsAllInYourHead report by @TheBrainCharity  on Weds, 6th September from 1pm in the Jubilee Room at Houses of Parliament.  

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Published: 28 July 2023