Watch Inside Neurology: Our Unique Brain

The Brain Charity and ITN Business present an exclusive programme highlighting neurological conditions and celebrating neurodiversity.

Inside Neurology: Our Unique Brain is a programme by ITN Business and The Brain Charity. It highlights the experiences of those affected by neurological conditions and champions neurodiversity. The programme also explores the positive efforts in healthcare and science to support people living with neurological conditions.

The programme features interviews with The Brain Charity’s CEO, Pippa Sargent who discusses the work of The Brain Charity and explains why it is so important to support people with neurological conditions. This exclusive interview also shines a spotlight on neurodiversity and why is it important to reframe thinking about neurodiversity and champion individuals who are neurodivergent.

Inside Neurology: Our Unique Brain features interviews with those who live with a neurological condition everyday, including Sophia. She was filmed at The Brain Charity’s Liverpool headquarters and speaks about living with cerebral palsy and why she values support from The Brain Charity. 

ITN filming Sophia at The Brain Charity

Pippa Sargent, CEO of The Brain Charity, said: “Inside Neurology: Our Unique Brain provides an important insight into what it means to live with a neurological condition. Through this film, we want to raise awareness of neurological conditions and to create a wider conversation around neurodiversity – because all brains are different and this diversity is an advantage.

“Neurodivergence affects 15-20% of the population. People who are neurodivergent can have cognitive differences around sensory processing, communicating and co-ordination. Being neurodivergent can bring attributes such as creativity, intelligence, big picture thinking and a fresh perspective – skills which are valued in workplaces, businesses and society as a whole.

“By breaking down the barriers in place for those who have a neurological condition, or who are neurodivergent, we can be part of the solution in creating an understanding society free from stigma.”

The programme also highlights work by other organisations including The Neurological Alliance, which is a collaboration of more than 100 organisations all committed to improving treatment, care and support for people affected by neurological conditions.