Feedback and complaints

We value all feedback at The Brain Charity, as it helps us understand how to better serve our clients.

Our staff love to receive messages from people we’ve been able to support about their positive experiences of The Brain Charity.

Equally, all suggestions for improvement are fully considered.

Please send your feedback to The Brain Charity via the form below. Thank you for taking the time to share your comments.

Feedback form


Although we are committed to the highest standards in our work and fundraising, mistakes can sometimes happen.

We have a straightforward complaints procedure which you can follow if you have a grievance. We’ll do our very best to investigate your complaint and resolve it swiftly.

We take complaints seriously and are committed to using them as an opportunity to improve our services and operations.

If you are submitting a complaint, we will be in touch with you to discuss this soon.

How to make a complaint

If you need to make a complaint, you can contact us in any of these ways:

  • Use the feedback form above
  • Email:
  • Write to us: The Brain Charity, Norton Street, Liverpool, L3 8LR.
  • Call us on 0151 298 2999

We will acknowledge written complaints within 5 working days, and a manager will give you a more detailed response (if required) within 15 working days.

If you are unhappy with the way your complaint has been dealt with, please let us know why and what we can do to fix things.  Our CEO will then carry out a review and we will let you have an answer within a further 10 working days.

If you are still unhappy with the way your complaint has been dealt with you can write to the Chair of The Board of Trustees at The Brain Charity. They will make sure that your complaint has been looked at independently and that it has been thoroughly investigated.

We are usually able to resolve any concerns, but in the event that you feel our response is unsatisfactory, you may take your complaint directly to the Fundraising Regulator or find more information on the Charity Commission website.