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  • At The Brain Charity's centre

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The Neuro Gym 

The Brain Charity’s Neuro Gym is a free accessible gym in Liverpool available to anyone affected by a neurological condition.  

We have been helping people affected by neurological conditions for 30 years, and at the Neuro Gym we now support people in their journey to rehabilitation. 

Neuro Gym opening hours and location 

The Neuro Gym is open Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm. It is located at The Brain Charity’s headquarters in Liverpool city centre.  

A fully accessible free gym in Liverpool city centre 

One of the main barriers to accessing adaptable equipment that can support in rehabilitation for those with neurological conditions is the expensive cost of memberships.  

Thanks to funding from the National Lottery Community Fund and an anonymous donor, The Neuro Gym will be completely free to use for anyone affected by a neurological condition.  

Gym volunteer Sophia, who has cerebral palsy, tells us she has been sedentary for much of her life.  She became an active gym user to help support her mental health.  

She said: “Exercising gets me out and about. Even if I feel like I don’t want to do a session I always feel great afterwards.” 

Sophia decided to become a volunteer at the Neuro Gym after receiving support from The Brain Charity’s Employment service. 

She said: “I’m looking forward to meeting new people with similar conditions who will support each other and I’m looking forward to learning about the equipment, including the ones where we can stand up and it engages different parts of our brain.” 

Rehabilitation for people with neurological conditions 

The Neuro Gym is a pioneering exercise and rehabilitation space for people with neurological conditions locally. 

Arm of a man who's sitting in a wheelchair and using a dumbell

Accessing traditional gym or exercise spaces can be incredibly intimidating for someone going through a rehabilitation journey. Some face discrimination which reduces their confidence, negatively impacts mental health and is detrimental to their progress. 

At the Neuro Gym we provide a holistic approach to rehabilitation, based at our welcoming and judgement-free centre in Liverpool city centre.  

Our friendly team can help with extensive therapeutic interventions and wellbeing activities to support physical health and rehabilitation, fitness and social inclusion and confidence. 

The Neuro Gym offers:  

  • Exercise classes both 1-1 and in groups 
  • A range of accessible gym and rehabilitation equipment 
  • Online delivery of some sessions to support people across the UK  
  • Personal training 
  • Physiotherapy  
  • Health and wellbeing workshops 
  • Fitness testing  
  • Signposting to other services. 

Our dedicated gym team will meet you to understand your neurological condition, situation and personal goals. They will then design a tailored programme to improve symptoms, fitness and overall quality of life.   

Fitness trainer shows a young man how to use Neuro Gym equipment.

The continued impact of Covid-19 on rehabilitation services 

The Neuro Gym was created in response to the needs of our clients. 

Our community told us symptoms worsened during lockdown due to the stresses of isolation and lack of hands-on support. 

During the Covid lockdowns, at least 72% of people with a neurological condition had important appointments postponed or cancelled. For some these will have been missed physiotherapy appointments that have set back their recovery. 

Clients who had experienced strokes found their ability to use their hands and arms decreased. Those with aphasia, a condition affecting language abilities, found it harder to communicate.  

The Neuro Gym will provide much-needed rehabilitation support and physiotherapy sessions to help people continue this journey and build confidence, reduce social isolation and alleviate symptoms.  

Benefits of coming to the Neuro Gym 

There will be huge benefits for those coming to the Neuro Gym, including increased social engagement in a welcoming environment.  

Individual rehabilitation progress varies on a person’s condition and individual goals, but could include:  

  • Improved flexibility 
  • Improved balance 
  • Increased muscle strength 
  • Improved fine motor skills 
  • Decreased levels of fatigue 
  • Greater overall fitness 

Other benefits include: 

  • Improved physical health and fitness levels 
  • Decreased social isolation 
  • Improved mental health and confidence 

We invite you to sign up for an induction to the Neuro Gym, to learn more about the equipment, therapies and how we can support you in your journey.

For more information please contact Gym Manager Scott on gym@thebraincharity.org.uk. You can also call our centre on 0151 298 2999.