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  • At The Brain Charity's centre
  • By phone
  • In your home
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The Brain Charity

The Brain Charity centre from Norton Street

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Counselling at The Brain Charity

At The Brain Charity we offer a range of counselling services to provide emotional support and help build confidence. We work with a wide range of issues affecting mental health, including anxiety, depression, phobias and bereavement.

Our services are available to both individuals & couples and include:

  • Specialist Neuro Psychotherapy from licensed therapists with experience providing mental health support to those affected by a neurological condition.
  • Pay it forward counselling for members of the public as individuals and as couples, where every session from this service helps fund our free counselling service for those affected by a neurological condition.
  • A free six-week counselling service for anyone affected by a neurological condition, as well as their carers and family members.

Across all our services, our trained counsellors offer a range of psychotherapies, including CBT, person-centred and integrated.

A femail counsellor listensd to a couple speaking in a couplease therapy session
Couples counselling is also available at The Brain Charity

How counselling can help

Counselling provides a non-judgmental space for people to speak openly about their feelings, and to process emotions that can seem overwhelming.

For people affected by neurological conditions, there can be a wide-ranging effect on both physical and mental health. Taking part in talking therapies can be an effective way of helping people cope.

Where does counselling take place?

Our counselling sessions take place at The Brain Charity’s headquarters on Norton Street, Liverpool. Our centre has a number of purpose-built counselling rooms. These rooms are soundproof, and no one, except from you and the counsellor, can hear the conversation you have.

Counsellling at The Brain Charity in Liverpool

The Brain Charity’s staff pride themselves on being welcoming and supportive to everyone who walks through our doors. You’ll first speak to our volunteers on reception, who will let the counselling team know you have arrived. You will then be taken to the counselling room where your session will take place.

An online option is also available for all counselling services. Please indicate if you would prefer online or in person sessions on the enquiry form on the pages below.

The Brain Charity’s counselling services