Getting out and about

Many of our clients tell us that their neurological condition makes them feel nervous leaving the house.

Our staff can give you practical advice and support on a range of transport issues to help get you out and about again.

Financial support

If you receive the higher mobility rate of PIP or Disability Living Allowance, you may be entitled to other benefits.

The Brain Charity’s Information and Advice Officers can help you access the Motability Scheme. This lets you exchange your mobility allowance for a lease on a new wheelchair accessible car or vehicle, scooter or powered wheelchair.

You may also be entitled to a free disabled tax disc, or exemption from road tolls. You can get advice from our staff on walking aids, access ramps, hoists and other housing aids and adaptations.


Drivers are required by law to inform the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) if they are diagnosed with any condition which may affect their ability to drive.

This can include neurological conditions such as epilepsy, stroke and brain tumour.

The Brain Charity can help you complete a questionnaire which will be sent to the DVLA, who will decide whether you can continue to drive and how long before they will reassess the situation.

Our staff can also help you find suitable disabled driver insurance.

Blue Badges

Blue Badges are for drivers or passengers with severe mobility problems – including invisible disabilities such as autism and mental health conditions.

Holders are able to park close to where they need to go and can access parts of town and city centres where other vehicles are restricted. The scheme operates throughout the UK.

Blue Badges are administered by local councils, so our staff can help you apply for one.

Toilet facilities

The Brain Charity’s staff can show you how to purchase a Radar key, which gives you access to disabled toilets in shopping centres and pubs.

The Brain Charity’s centre in Liverpool also has a Changing Places toilet which is open to the public.  This is an accessible toilet with a height-adjustable changing bench and hoist.

Access to Work

If your disability or health condition makes it more difficult for you to travel to work, our staff can help you apply for Access to Work funding.

This may cover taxis or transport to your office or place of work. You can find out more information on your rights in the workplace here.