Visitors reading books on library landingOur Library and Information Centre provides information to anyone with a neurological condition, their family, friends, health and social care professionals.

We have an extensive reference library of resources on a wide range of neurological conditions, patient information, information for carers, as well as information raising awareness for health & social care professionals. Items available in the library include books, reports, newsletters, DVD's, autobiographies, journals and magazines, as well as material produced by organisations which support people with specific neurological conditions.

We also have a collection of materials covering the various issues and aspects of living with a neurological conditions such as accessing welfare benefits, managing physical pain, finding the right mobility aids, holidays, insurance and getting the health and social care support you need.

No charge is made, nor membership required, for you to use our library. Much of our stock is for reference-only - however, there is a large amount of materials which can be taken away free of charge.

There is free wi-fi and access to the Internet. We also have two public access computers. Information is also available on our website.

Lots of information is now available on the Internet. If you are not confident with computers or IT – our team can help you to access the information that you need.

Photocopying facitlities are available for a small charge

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