Some of the common issues that can affect people with neurological conditions include transport, loneliness and confidence – but arguably most important is the roof over your head.

Aids and adaptations

If you or a relative have been diagnosed with a neurological condition or are facing a new disability, your current housing may no longer be suitable for you or your families’ needs.

You can apply for adaptations to your home and special aids to be fitted, to make it easier for you to live independently.

Housing aids and adaptations can give you or someone you care for more independence and a better quality of life.

Funding, welfare benefits and grants

You may be eligible to apply for social and adapted housing properties, Discretionary Housing Payment, Housing Benefit and other forms of welfare benefit and mortgage holidays.

If you are eligible, some grant funding exists for specialist equipment, like beds and furniture, and for domestic appliances.

There are also other housing advice services you can access if your issue is urgent, complex or very specialist.