Name Motor Neurone Disease (MND)
Related to/Also known as Motor Neuron Disease
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
Symptoms of Motor Neurone Disease
Motor Neurone Disease is an uncommon disease, which causes a progressive degeneration of the motor system (the nerve cells that controls the muscles). It is a slowly progressive disease, whose common systems include muscle wasting/weakness, muscle cramps and difficulty with swallowing and with speech.
Types Progressive Muscular Atrophy (PMA)

Progressive Bulbar Palsy
Primary Lateral Sclerosis
Familial MND (Familial ALS/FALS)
Juvenile ALS (MND)

Useful national contacts Motor Neurone Disease Assocation
Link opens in new window www.mndassociation.org
Helpline: 08457 626262 (local rate)
Find your local branch
Link opens in new window www.mndassociation.org/getting-support/local-support/branches/
Online resources

How can I check if my treatment and care are appropriate? (MND Association and NICE guidelines)
Link opens in new window www.mndassociation.org/life-with-mnd/treatment-and-care/how-can-i-check-if-my-treatment-and-care-are-appropriate

Motor neurone disease (NHS Choices)
Link opens in new window www.nhs.uk/conditions/motor-neurone-disease/pages/introduction.aspx

Motor neurone disease (Brain & Spine Foundation)
Link opens in new window www.brainandspine.org.uk/motor-neurone-disease

Motor neurone disease (Brain Research UK)
Link opens in new window www.brainresearchuk.org.uk/our-research/motor-neurone-disease

M.N.D. = Motor Neurone Disease (British Deaf Association video with BSL and text)
Link opens in new window https://player.vimeo.com/video/170453482

News and events

June is MND Awareness Month
Link opens in new window www.mndassociation.org/news-and-events/awareness-campaigns

The 100,000 Genomes Project is looking for people with Motor Neurone Disease for research into their DNA and genes
Link opens in new window www.genomicsengland.co.uk/taking-part

Trajectories of Outcome in Neurological Conditions (TONiC) study seeks volunteers
Link opens in new window https://tonic.thewaltoncentre.nhs.uk

Motor Neurone Disease - Legacy Research
Olly is a PhD Researcher at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, Lancashire, and has a specific research interest in young people who help care for family members who have MND, and also those young people who are bereaved due to the disease.
Link opens in new window www.facebook.com/mndlegacy

Our resources

The library at The Brain Charity has a range of resources on Motor Neurone Disease and on a wide range of disability-related issues.