Our mission & values

Our mission

Our mission is to enable all those affected by neurological conditions to live longer, healthier, happier lives.

We will fight together for an inclusive and just society: a world where stigma, hardship and isolation are replaced by compassion and understanding.

Our values

The Brain Charity strives to apply the following values in its work:


We genuinely welcome everyone to our charity and believe that each person has a unique talent and the ability to make the world a better place.


We will travel side by side with everyone throughout their journey no matter how complex, how long or how difficult. We roll up our sleeves whenever and wherever we need to.


Enjoying the cafe at The Brain Charity in Liverpool

We accept and understand that the broadness of our own diversity and personal experience impacts directly on the level of quality and passion delivered within our services. 


We will challenge the status quo, welcome change and bravely take on any new challenges in the spirit of adventure.


We believe that equality for people with neurological conditions is now within reach and we will strive each and every day until prejudice and lack of opportunity are removed from our society.

Our strategic aims

The Brain Charity’s strategic aims are to raise awareness and understanding of neurological conditions and empower individuals and families to manage their conditions and realise their full potential.