Antonia and Us drawing

This drawing shows how things have changed between 1877 and today.

First Workshop Session

We began analysing and relating to Antonia’s story in The History of Disability Workshop

Barriers faced by Antonia

Analysing Antonia’s story

Respect and living conditions

Bad behaviour towards Antonia

Making sense of Antonia’s story

What if Antonia had hair?

“We wanted to see what she would look like with hair as the illustration of her with the shaved head made her look very institutionalised and ‘different’ from other ladies of the day. We wanted to ‘normalise’ her image and make her more of a real person.”

A love letter to Antonia

Antonia’s interactions with other people

Workshop ideas board

“What if Antonia had a social Media Profile?”

The rights and choices of Antonia

Antonia wearing a crown

“The crown was because someone said she reminded her of illustrations she’d seen of Nefertiti, so we put the Egyptian style crown on her to see her in a different way from the image we were presented with by the medical profession of the day.”

Faith and religion

“What if Antonia had a social Media Profile?”

Planning our conference paper

In the final workshop we planned what we wanted to say at the International Conference on Educational, Cultural, and Disability Studies at Liverpool Hope University.

I am Human – a poem

Here’s a poem we wrote about Antonia Grandoni at The Brain Charity. The text in Italics is ‘found text’ from Dr Ireland’s book.

The Being Human Festival

The Being Human Festival at The Brain Charity

The Being Human Festival

The Being Human Festival Team