The Brain Charity's CEO Pippa Sargent standing outside and smiling

Pippa Sargent’s first 6 months as CEO of The Brain Charity

"We have an amazing set of staff and volunteers who are totally dedicated to what they do"

We sat down with Pippa to hear how she’s found her first few months with us!

Tell us about your work before you joined The Brain Charity.  

“My career has been focused on improving lives through leading public health, mental health and wellbeing programmes, as well as behaviour change and strategic communications initiatives that have brought about health policy improvements.”  

What was your view of The Brain Charity before you joined us?  

“I really resonated with the values of optimism, courage, authenticity, commitment and particularly kindness – in fact I was encouraged to apply for the role by that word alone. I have returned to our values throughout the last 6 months as a guide. Since joining I have been struck even more so by the warmth that comes from The Brain Charity. It is unrivalled and we have an amazing set of staff and volunteers who are totally dedicated to what they do, as well as a great group of trustees to help steer the ship.” 

Tell us about your achievements over the last 6 months! 

“One of the highlights has been the publication of our It’s all in your head report and travelling to Parliament for its launch. The opening of our Neuro Gym at our annual celebration event was a fantastic achievement; I’m so proud we’re able to offer physical rehabilitation in a safe setting for free.  

“In broader terms, one of the greatest achievements has been keeping the charity focused on being the best it can be for all our staff, volunteers and clients. This has included seeking out new opportunities and consolidating what we do best to continue providing support that has a real impact.” 

What can we look ahead to in 2024?  

“We have several major targets for the year ahead, including more work to support people into employment including confidence coaching, expanding our counselling services, a focus on championing neurodiversity and using AI to help us work smarter. I also want to ensure we measure, celebrate and shout about our success so everyone can hear about the fantastic work our wonderful team does.” 

Category: News

Published: 1 March 2024