Support during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our centre

The Brain Charity’s building, including our library and The Brain Food Café, has now fully reopened to clients. Masks and social distancing are not compulsory but staff members will happily follow this guidance if it makes you more comfortable.


Many people who have had COVID-19 are now experiencing new neurological symptoms as a result. These symptoms are known as long COVID. Find out more about long COVID here and click here for advice on how to manage the symptoms of long COVID.

Mental health and loneliness

If you are struggling with your mental health as a result of the pandemic, The Brain Charity provides free counselling to anyone with a neurological condition, and their family, friends and carers. You can self-refer for free counselling here.

We also offer weekly befriending calls. One of our volunteers can call you for a chat at the same time each week and make sure you’re not left on your own. They can also help you get online and set up video call software. Find out more about our phone befriending service here.

Rights at work

Your employer should not force you to work if you have been told to self-isolate or shield. The Brain Charity’s employment team can give you advice on your rights in the workplace, including sick pay. Our legal service can also provide free, no-obligation legal advice.

Online activities

Check out our calendar for details of which activities are running online or as hybrid sessions.

Financial support

We can provide information on how to apply for welfare benefits and additional financial support.

Symptoms and getting tested

Please do not come to The Brain Charity’s building if you have any coronavirus symptoms, or think you may have the virus.