Information and Advice Officer Diane

People of The Brain Charity: Meet Diane

Information and Advice Officer Diane tells us what she wishes people knew about The Brain Charity

Tell us about yourself and your role!

“My name is Diane Green, I am an Information and Advice Officer and I’ve worked here for just under 12 months, since April 2023.

“My job is working in the hospitals in the Wirral, Clatterbridge and Arrowe Park.”

What do you wish people knew about The Brain Charity?

“For everybody to know about it and what we do, especially those on the Wirral. What we do is we make lives easier.

“I can’t change your diagnosis and I can’t change your past, but I can make your future life easier for you. Whether that’s helping you to fill out a PIP form, putting somebody in touch with other organisations that can help them. Whether it’s coming here for social support or if it’s somebody that you want to talk to.”

Who do you want to shine a light on at The Brain Charity?

“It’s our Reception. They are the first person that everybody sees from the minute they come in through the door. They are so patient with everybody and make everybody feel so welcome.”

The Brain Charity is Liverpool’s best kept secret, yes or no?

“Yes. And I only wish it was far more known. The amount of people that have driven past the building and say, ‘Oh we recognise the building’. They need to know what goes on behind the doors as well.

“It’s a whole different world here. And it’s a nice world where we care for people. Nobody is going to judge them, we’re going to be friendly and happy with everybody, we’re going to help everybody that comes through that front door as well and more people need to know that.”

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Published: 30 April 2024