The Brain Charity's annual report 2021/22 graphic.

The Brain Charity’s annual report 2021 – 2022

Welcome to The Brain Charity’s annual report for April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

It has been a year of huge change and growth at The Brain Charity. Watch and read the stories below to find out more about how we supported people affected by neurological conditions over the last 12 months.

Foreword from Nanette Mellor, CEO at The Brain Charity, and Bill Chambers, Chair of The Brain Charity’s board of trustees

“The need out there is great – there are huge numbers of people coming to the charity for the first time.”

Nanette Mellor

“The biggest impacts on The Brain Charity’s clients this year have been the continuing impact of COVID, and the cost of living crisis.”

Bill Chambers

Rupak’s Multiple Sclerosis story

“I was left homeless after my diagnosis – The Brain Charity’s support to help me find a home was irreplaceable.”


Our year in numbers

The last financial year has been a year of great growth for The Brain Charity, which has seen us support thousands of people from all over the UK.

We supported 3,142 clients with practical help, emotional support and social activities - 85% of which were new beneficiaries.

360 living with dementia and their carers have accessed our Music Makes Us! therapy sessions in person and online.

We helped 116 jobseekers boost their skills with employment support - including providing 127 confidence coaching sessions.
A team of 45 volunteers made 8,820 minutes of phone befriending calls.

A total of 77.190 people accessed support and service pages via our website.

Almost 24,000 people now follow us on social media.
We had 89 active volunteers, equivalent to above 5,000 volunteering hours a year.

We supported 270 people to complete full courses of counselling - more than 2,500 sessions!

The Brain Food Cafe made £16,886 in sales.
We helped 148 people who provide care for loved ones to manage their responsibilities.

8,070 people received our newsletter The Nerve in print & via email.

56 children and young people accessed our Brain Changer Arts Project workshops.
242 people attended our diverse programme of classes, activities and education sessions.

More than £107,000 was raised in donations and legacies, a rise of more than 50% on 2021.

£116,805 was secured via grants.

Dominick’s brain haemorrhage story

“I thought I was too young to have a stroke at 24 – The Brain Charity motivated me to keep going, and helped me regain my voice.”


Pamela’s aphasia story

“I couldn’t speak at all following a stroke – thanks to The Brain Charity, I have the confidence to meet new people.”


Our finances

We are pleased to report it has been The Brain Charity’s most successful year financially to date, with our income exceeding £1 million for the first time.

The Brain Charity's income and expenditure for the 2021 - 2022 financial year.

For completeness, income also includes net gains on investments of £22,649.

The Brain Charity's income 2017 to 2022

John’s volunteering story

“That person has come through the doors of The Brain Charity, and my volunteering has given them the help they might not get anywhere else.”


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Published: 16 November 2022