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Double your donation to The Brain Charity’s warm hub fund for free

Help us raise £5,000 to keep our centre warm

Double your donation to The Brain Charity’s warm hub fund for free – and help us raise £5,000 to keep our centre warm.

Any donation made to The Brain Charity’s warm hub crowdfunding page until March 24th will be automatically matched, up to the first £250 of each donation.

This is thanks to the Co-op Warm Spaces Funding Boost – a £1 million match fund – has been launched to help local charities who are supporting their communities through rising costs this winter, by bringing people together into warm spaces.

Keeping our clients warm during the cost of living crisis

People with neurological conditions have higher costs of living than able-bodied people, an average of £583 per month. This is because they have to pay for essential adaptations, or they might require having the heating on more often.

Many people’s neurological symptoms get worse in cold weather. This is why keeping warm is so important, and why the cost-of-living crisis and skyrocketing energy bills are affecting our community so badly.

The Brain Charity’s fully accessible centre in Liverpool is open from 9am to 5pm every single weekday, and is a friendly, welcoming place open to all. It is always warm, with free activities going on and people to socialise with. 

Carer support from The Brain Charity in Liverpool

Clients can have a cup of tea or coffee in The Brain Food Café, or use our free WiFi and relax. We also have a specific warm bank running once a week on Wednesday evenings.

The majority of our staff and volunteers have neurological conditions or direct experience of caring for people with conditions, and are always be on hand to provide support, even if it is just to have a chat!

How we’ll spend the money raised

All of the funds raised will go towards maintaining our centre as a warm hub, helping us keep our lights and heating on so that we can ensure our community is safe and warm during the cost of living crisis. 

Our centre acting as a warm hub helps clients:

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Published: 4 March 2023