Some of the varied types of fundraisers for The Brain Charity, showing runners, bikers and people wearing nineties gear at work

Making a difference: more extraordinary charity fundraising efforts from our 30 for 30 fundraisers

From marathons and the MoD to neuro-bikers and nineties revivals, it’s been an incredible six months for our special fundraising 30th anniversary 30 for 30 challenge

What were the highlights of our top fundraising challenges?

Among the highlights was the Brighton Marathon, which attracted no fewer than seven runners for The Brain Charity.  Tom Carpenter – who made it a family affair with his dad and brother – achieved the best time of the group at 3’26”. 

“What a great event,” said Tom, “thousands of people, great to experience. We all managed to finish and are proud of all our times.”

Another of our running team, Roz Woodward, added, “It was brutal, but I did it and I’ve raised well over my target and so pleased to have supported such an amazing cause.  It’s been a journey I’ll never forget.”

Tom Carpenter with
dad Graeme and brother Will in Brain Charity running shirts before the marathon
Tom Carpenter with dad Graeme and brother Will

Tom Carpenter with
dad Graeme and brother Will

In total, we benefitted to the tune of over £2,000 from our Brighton Marathon runners.

Taking a more individual approach was Rafael Barbosa, who had previously worked as an intern with us. Rafa has set himself a challenge to run a series of marathons around the world. He started locally in Manchester then flew to Stockholm for his second.

“I had an amazing time working for The Brain Charity and wanted to give something back,” said Rafa. “My times were 4’56” and 4’10” respectively and I’m raring to go for my third.”

Former Brain Charity intern

Rafael Barbosa

Fundraiser Rafael wearing his Brain Charity running shirt and shorts, along with is finishers medal at the Stockholm race

Pamela and Andrew Wennell powered up the 530 steps of Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth in April to raise funds, while Viv Walker and his family took part in the Bryn Meadows Caerphilly 10k a month later to raise money on behalf of daughter Megan, who had recently been diagnosed with cerebellar atrophy, raising £2,370 in the process.

Viv Walker standing alongside Megan and her sister at the finish of the Caerphilly 10K

Viv Walker at the Bryn Meadows
Caerphilly 10k

There were other exciting North West based fundraisers in the region.

Merseyside Police CSO James Bourne was lured out of sporting retirement to take part in the Southport triathlon, his first in three years. 

“Through my work, I have grown to know the great work The Brain Charity do and, with my son having autism and my wife having ADHD and dyspraxia, the charity has become very close to me,” said James, who is now planning his next triathlon for April 2024 (“with a heated pool” he adds). 

James puts his fitness down to the 10k military mud runs in which he previously competed.

How else have we been getting fundraisers to get involved?

Ian from Bikers for Neuro

Fundraiser Ian from Bikers for Neuro visiting The BRain Charity to deliver his donation. He is standing iat our reception with a staff member and they ate holing a large sign with The Brain Charity logo on it

Meanwhile, the MoD itself, donated over £1,000 to The Brain Charity courtesy of the 208 (Liverpool) Field Hospital and there was a blast from the past as Ian from the Bikers for Neuro arrived at our centre to drop off the £700 they had raised from various fundraisers, including a naked calendar.

Fully dressed in nineties attire were the staff at Curry’s Aintree who staged a retro fundraising weekend in late May.  Amanda Weall and her staff entertained customers with ‘90s tunes and raised £420.

Amanda and her team wearing 90s gear at their workplace, Currys Aintree. There is a table in front of them laden with delicious looking homemade cakes and biscuits along with awareness raising materials about The Brain Charity

Amanda Weall and
her team from Currys, Aintree

What summer 2023 fundraising events can I take part in?

In the next few months, we will have our Liverpool abseilers jumping into the unknown in July and there will be lots more challenges on the horizon. If you would like to take part in any of our events, you can sign up here.

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Published: 30 June 2023