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Teenage popstar records song about his experience of dyslexia

The 14-year-old wrote 500 Words to help people understand how dyslexia affects his life

A teenage popstar has recorded a song about his experience of dyslexia – and is using it to raise funds for The Brain Charity.

Josh Thomas-Conn, 14, penned track 500 Words to help people understand how the neurological condition affects his life, but also how he overcomes it – by singing.

Songwriter Josh Thomas-Conn, aged 14
Songwriter Josh Thomas-Conn

The schoolboy, from Watford, Herts, was diagnosed with dyslexia in primary school but said many people don’t understand the condition, which affects how you process written information but can also bring with it great creativity and lateral thinking.

Josh said: “Since dyslexia is quite common, it is often looked over – lots of people have it so many don’t really bother to ask about it and understand it.

“With 500 Words, I really want to spread awareness. People think it means you can’t spell, but it’s much more than that – it’s organisation, worrying you might forget someone’s name, the stress that comes with that and much more.

“But dyslexia also comes with superpowers – I am a really creative person and dyslexia brings out my arty side.”

Josh uncovered his passion for music during early childhood and was inspired by his mum, who is a former singer and also has dyslexia.

The 14-year-old dreams of getting his debut single heard in the industry and eventually becoming a professional pop artist.

He chose to support The Brain Charity because we support people with all forms of neurological condition, and is donating all royalties from the track.

Josh added: “I am following my dream by writing songs that resonate with people. I try to make music representative of myself and my generation.”

Click here to listen to 500 Words on Spotify, or watch the music video on YouTube above. You can also check it out on Amazon Music here and iTunes here.

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Published: 3 March 2023