Featured atars of neurovision 2023 - Joshua Thomas-Conn, Murdoch and Sandstone Silver

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Who should be the winner of our Neurovision Song Contest?

It’s Eurovision Song Contest week, and The Brain Charity is making its own neurodiverse contribution to Liverpool’s Eurovision events calendar.

All eyes are on Liverpool as the 67th Song Contest moves into action.

So now is your chance to vote on our own neurodiverse version – Neurovision!

Our judges have narrowed the entries to the final top 3 – so, just like Eurovision, you can vote for your favourite of our three performers, whose music all tackle themes of neurodivergence.

Joshua Thomas-Conn

This remarkable 15-year-old schoolboy from Hemel Hempstead has released his debut song 500 Words about his battles with dyslexia, using lyrics that describe how the condition makes him feel.

The line ‘500 words spinning around’ is a reference to how words on the page spin around and how reading can be a challenge for him.


Based in Liverpool, Murdoch is the musical realisation of 28-year-old multi-instrumentalist, Patrick Morrison.

Murdoch combines the melodic yet overwhelming sounds of Emotional Hardcore and Post-Rock with powerful and poetic lyrics, covering issues such as mental health, politics and grief to name a few.

Sandstone Silver

Sandstone Silver, also known as John, has dyscalculia and ADHD.

The playing of musical instruments has been a barrier due to his neurological condition ADHD diagnosed later in life.

His original composition Starlight Inspiration is a song about being faced with adversity on a neurological journey.

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The winning artist will be invited to perform at The Brain Charity’s 30th birthday celebration event later this year.

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Published: 18 April 2023