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The Brain Charity’s legal partners

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It can be extremely hard to find a good quality solicitor with the specialist expertise needed to support you with one of the difficult and complex problems you may face as a result of a brain injury or other neurological condition.

For this reason, The Brain Charity works with a panel of trusted legal partners to ensure our clients have access to the highest-quality service possible.

They are Alderstone Solicitors, Coulthursts, Irwin Mitchell and Slater and Gordon. You are not required to work with any of our partner firms and are free to use any solicitor of your choice.

Qualified & trusted professionals to support you and your family

It is of vital importance we only offer our clients a service which is experienced, trustworthy and reliable.

We have chosen to work with these law firms because we are confident they are well-respected and have the skills you need, as well as being understanding, friendly and above all excellent within their specialist areas.

Please get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page if you would like to contact our legal team, or click on the firm names below to find out more about their solicitors.

As well as specialist legal expertise and experience, you will need a legal team that supports you and your family’s financial, emotional, and practical needs.

Every injured person is different and faces unique challenges, but we work to put a legal, clinical and care network around you and your family to give you the best chance of living a full life.

Whenever possible, Alderstone Solicitors will quickly secure early interim payments to ensure that financial, education and rehabilitation needs are addressed. We are experts in recovering maximum compensation and putting everything in place to help you and your family to rebuild your future.

We can also help you:

  • Access private medical insurance policies
  • Get pay-outs from critical illness policies
  • Obtain early interim payments to alleviate financial burden on clients and their families
  • Arrange early rehabilitation
  • Open up an early dialogue with insurance companies
  • Help suspend payments with debts, mortgages, banks, utility companies and mobile phone providers.

Meet some of the team at Alderstone Solicitors:

Quentin Underhill

Quentin Underhill

Quentin is a Partner and head of our Serious and Catastrophic Injury Department.

He has more than 30 years’ experience in helping people who have suffered life-changing injury and clinical negligence.

He works with empathy and builds trust with clients to help them make claims for brain injuries, spinal injuries, amputations, psychiatric injuries, chronic pain, and fatal accidents.

Quentin focuses on speedy access to rehabilitation by obtaining early interim payments and using a collaborative approach to achieve the very best outcome for you and your family.

Chris Bolton

Chris Bolton

Chris is a Partner with more than two decades of specialist experience in serious injury compensation cases involving brain injury, spinal injury, chronic pain, and fatal accidents.

Whenever possible, Chris’ approach is rooted in recovery, rehabilitation, and empathy.

He supports our clients and their families to go on and live the best life possible.

He has helped hundreds of injured people secure appropriate medical, financial, and emotional assistance including loss of income, prescriptions costs, adaptable housing and vehicle costs and much more.

Claire Cully

Claire Cully

Claire is an Associate Solicitor and a senior member of our Serious and Catastrophic Injury and Clinical Negligence departments.

She is not only a dedicated and experienced legal expert, but she is also approachable and will work closely with you and your family to guide you through the challenges of the legal process.

Claire aims to secure compensation to fund a quality support network of carers and other clinical professionals who you will help you make the most of life after a serious injury or medical negligence.

Mervin Smith

Mervin Smith
Mervin is an Associate Solicitor in our Serious and Catastrophic Injury Department. He is an
experienced Serious and Catastrophic Injury lawyer.

He specialises in complex cases that not only require expert legal knowledge but also empathy and compassion.

He works with and supports severely injured people and their families through very difficult times. With professionalism and sensitivity, he focuses on gaining swift access to rehabilitation to ensure the best future possible for families affected by brain injury, spinal injury and medical negligence.

Leanne Tattam

Leanne Tattam

Leanne is an experienced Partner with the firm specialising is a wide range of catastrophic injuries arising from both traumatic accidents and clinical negligence.

She guides, not only our clients, but also their families through the complicated and lengthy legal process whilst taking a hands-on approach.

Leanne works closely with families to liaise with rehabilitation, therapy, medical and care professionals, dedicating time to finding the right people to work with you and your family to get the most from your future.

The Brain Injury Lawyers

Speaking to solicitors can feel daunting at the best of times, especially when you or a loved one are facing a potentially life-changing, traumatic and uncertain time following a traumatic brain injury.

As specialist brain injury lawyers, our focus at Coulthursts is to support individuals, families, and carers from the moment you need it most.

We are here to help you navigate your way through the complexities of this journey and achieve the very best recovery and life outcome for you and your loved ones.

We are different in that we only deal with claims involving a brain injury, and were founded by brain injury solicitor Philip Coulthurst and medical practitioner Dr Richard Newland, both of whom had a passion for specifically supporting people recovering from traumatic brain injury.

In addition to offering our highly specialised and friendly legal services, often in many personal injury claims, we will be able to fund the rehabilitation and support that you need with our Rehabilitation and Support Service.

How Are We Different?

Legal scales icon

SPECIALIST LEGAL: We deal exclusively with brain injury claims.

Hand icon

REHABILITATION & TREATMENT: In many instances, we are able to pay for and arrange early treatment and support.

Pound sign icon

FINANCIAL: We provide financial advice and support, ensuring maximum compensation is obtained.

People icon

EMOTIONAL & FAMILY SUPPORT: We build our service around what you and your family need.

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NO RISK: We are committed to offering a no win, no fee service.

We’re Here To Help

We are happy to speak to you whether or not you think you may have a legal compensation claim, or if you are just looking to find out more about us and how we might be able to help. We can visit you and your family at hospital, at your home, or at our office in Manchester or at a meeting office close to you. Even if you have spoken with other lawyers, please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a second opinion or further advice.

Kevin Walker

Kevin Walker

Kevin has handled life-changing personal injury claims for almost three decades, having attained high level positions at esteemed firms in the North West including those of partner and head of serious and catastrophic injury and clinical negligence departments.

A specialist in traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and amputations, Kevin’s expertise includes handling complex and high value claims occurring in the workplace, motorcycle accidents and other road traffic accidents both here in the UK and abroad.

Kirsty Mors

Kirsty MorsKirsty brings ten years of experience in the legal field, having held roles in a number of well-regarded national firms.

As a lawyer specialising in brain injury, her focus is on excellent communication with clients, service and support.

Kirsty embraces the challenge of working on complex cases with high levels of need.

Philip Coulthurst

Philip Coulthurst

Philip has more than 20 years’ experience as a solicitor, with a specialty in brain injury.

As MD and founder of Coulthursts, Philip’s vision was to create a legal firm dedicated solely to helping people with life-changing brain injuries.

Caroline Bolton

Caroline Bolton

Caroline is focused on supporting individuals and their families who are affected by severe, complex and life-changing brain injury.

She is a solicitor with more than 20 years’ experience and takes pride in obtaining the best outcome for her clients to meet all of their long-term needs.

Karen Hayes

Karen Hayes

Karen was attracted to Coulthursts because of its position as the UK’s only law firm dedicated to providing legal services for people recovering from traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

As a solicitor, Karen brings to Coulthursts more than 20 years’ experience in the area of personal injury, specialising in catastrophic and serious injury claims.

Our specialist personal injury lawyers are here to make things easier for you and your family.

Every year we help thousands of people claim for personal injury, and over the past two years we’ve helped our clients recover more than £1.5 billion in compensation.

Compensation is only part of the story though, and our solicitors could also help you access the rehabilitation, medical care and support your child needs to make the best recovery possible.

Not only do we offer legal services for serious injuries and medical negligence, we can also help with court of protection, public law and education issues. We have a dedicated support and rehabilitation team who will ensure that you and your family’s needs are met from all the sources of support available to you.

Expert Hand, Human Touch

Meet some of the team at Irwin Mitchell:

Deirdre Healy

Deirdre HealyDeirdre is known for her work in catastrophic injury cases and specialises in supporting those individuals and their families who have suffered serious brain injuries or spinal cord damage.

Her focus to secure funding to ensure her clients have access to prompt and appropriate rehabilitation.

She is recognised  as a leader in her field :  “Deirdre Healy stands out as being extremely knowledgeable and professional, always striving to seek the best for her clients“ (Legal 500 2023) and “her expertise and experience in supporting clients affected by head injury sees her leading the field; her passion and commitment to her clients , their families and their cause is to be commended; her personable nature puts clients at ease during the litigation process.”  (Chambers and Partners 2019).

T: 07703 476 410

E: deirdre.healy@irwinmitchell.com

Matthew Garson


Matthew Garson

Matthew handles a wide range of serious injury cases including child injuries, brain and spinal injuries as well as serious orthopaedic, amputation and fatal claims.

He is APIL Brain Injury & APIL Fatal Accidents accredited.

Matthew is also the lead partner for our Irwin Mitchell’s Liverpool office.

T: 07760 765 288

E: matthew.garson@irwinmitchell.com

Damian Hodkinson

Damian Hodkinson

A Court of Protection team lawyer, Damian acts as a professional deputy for adults who have lost capacity to manage their financial affairs as well as minors.

Most of his clients have received multi-million-pound settlements as a result of serious injury or medical negligence.

T: 07715 414 897

Saoirse de Bont

Saoirse de Bont

Saoirse is a solicitor in the Public Law & Human Rights team, specialising in Court of Protection and community care cases.

She acts on behalf of vulnerable adults and their families in Court of Protection matters, particularly in relation to disputes regarding capacity and best interests, and regularly advises on issues around packages of care.

T: 0161 838 3183

E: saoirse.debont@irwinmitchell.com

Rachael Smurthwaite

Rachael Smurthwaite

Rachael is an experienced solicitor specialising in education law, advising on all areas relating to education law with a particular focus on securing the provision of suitable education and/or services for children and young people with a wide range of special educational needs and/or disabilities.

T: 07841 346 068

E: rachael.smurthwaite@irwinmitchell.com

Berenice Bradley

Berenice Bradley

Berenice is a registered nurse (RN) and has experience of caring for patients with a variety of needs and illnesses.

As Irwin Mitchell’s Support and Rehabilitation Coordinator within the North West, Berenice supports our client’s rehabilitation needs and allows her to access the service provisions for and on behalf of our clients.

T: 07827 802 814

E: berenice.bradley@irwinmitchell.com

Who we are

Slater + Gordon is a leading national law firm specialising in all aspects of serious and specialised personal injury and particularly cases where there have been injuries at or around the time of birth. We offer a complete service for all life’s legal needs, working from regional offices to offer a tailored, local service. We represent all those affected by serious, life changing brain injuries and birth injuries, and their families to support them through a difficult time.

What we can offer you

Whether you’re enquiring on behalf of your child because you and your family have experienced a traumatic birth, or you have serious injury, we’re here to help and will guide you through the legal process every step of the way.

We’re compassionate and empathic and our experts with many years’ experience in birth injury and brain injury claims understand what you and your family are going through at this difficult time. We will work with you to investigate what has happened, seek accountability where mistakes have been made, and push for lessons to be learnt so other families are not put through a similar experience. We will offer practical assistance from day one.

Our welfare benefits team will assist with early access to statutory support; we will engage with hospital services where there is an internal investigation into a serious mistake, and we will begin immediately with the legal preparation of the case so that you are in the best position to take advantage of interim damages payments. These are a means to secure rehabilitation, therapy, equipment and home adaptations so that you are not waiting to the end of the case before you can start putting life back on track.

Our service

Our approach is to provide a first-class legal service with care and compassion. Representing those who’ve sustained a serious injury is a specialist field and we’re careful to match the right case with the right lawyer.

We have specialist birth injury, brain injury and other serious injury lawyers with a specific focus on:-
• Medical negligence
• Accidents at work or in public/private places
• Accidents abroad from either being on holiday or working away
• Road Traffic Collisions

At Slater + Gordon, we also have departments who can advise on trusts, Court of Protection issues, rehabilitation and welfare benefits to assist our clients as part of their claim.

Why choose Slater and Gordon

• We achieve excellent outcomes for our clients
• Our experts have many years’ experience and aren’t afraid to take on the most challenging of cases to fight for our clients
• Facilitating the best care, rehabilitation and recovery for our clients is paramount
• We provide first-class legal representation with compassion, empathy and skill
• We’re a leading consumer law firm with experts all over the UK

Meet some of the team at Slater + Gordon:

John Doyle

John Doyle

John has recovered millions of pounds in compensation representing adults and children in all manner of clinical negligence claims including brain and spinal injury, birth injury (mother and child – 3rd / 4th degree tears, CP, Shoulder Dystocia), neurological injury / CES, delayed diagnosis of cancer, surgical error, and fatal accidents.

Helen Barry

Helen Barry

Helen has acted on behalf of clients with severe brain and spinal injury for over 30 years achieving multi million-pound settlements particularly in cases involving injuries to children at or around the time of birth. Her special interests are in the fields of obstetrics and paediatrics.

She has pursued complaints to the General Medical Council where there are issues of serious professional misconduct. She understands the needs of the individual and their family particularly in their quest to obtain answers. She has a formidable reputation both locally to Merseyside and nationally.

Ben Gent

Ben Gent

Having specialised for over 20 years in cases involving maternity care and injuries related to childbirth, Ben is committed to understanding the day-to-day challenges faced by families and using the legal process to deliver fast, practical support.

Mike Knott

Michael Knott

Michael is an experienced Court of Protection lawyer with decades of experience managing personal injury awards for clients who have experienced un-imaginable life-changing events.

Michael manages the affairs of clients across the UK, as well as clients in Australia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, France, Italy, Poland and India.

If you have a legal enquiry that you think we could help with, please get in touch using the form below:

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