My name is Kellyann Lea; I am a Stroke Specialist Speech and Language Therapist working in independent practice. This year I had the good fortune of being able to source funding to provide speech therapy to people with aphasia*. The finances were offered by a very kind and altruistic gentleman whom I had the great pleasure of treating.

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A tick near eye

Lyme disease is something you might get from a nasty little insect called a tick. Thousands of people in this country are bitten by ticks every year. Sometimes this will be more than just the insect bite, sometimes a tick bite can result in an infection with serious complications - including long-term neurological problems.

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Kavita in hospital

I was taken into the accident and emergency wing of the Salford Royal hospital, on 17th March 2015, with a life-threatening subarachnoid haemorrhage. I was only thirty-eight years old and had always been a healthy person. I was successful, career-oriented, and travelled the world while working too many hours with no time to relax and think. Then, one night, I suddenly became extremely ill, and my whole world fell apart.

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