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Neurodiversity training delivered to 300 working in criminal justice system 

The Another Sign project educates organisations working at different stages of the criminal justice process about neurodiversity

Earlier this year The Brain Charity delivered training on neurodiversity to more than 300 professionals working within the criminal justice system (CJS).  

The project followed the publication of the ‘Another Sign’ report, which found 76% of criminal justice professionals had not received neurodiversity training, and 44% did not know how to refer someone for an assessment for a neurological condition.  

Funded by Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership, 27 sessions were delivered to 13 different organisations including Merseyside Police, the National Probation Service and His Majesty’s Prison Service. 

Training aims included:  

  • Improving knowledge about the range of neurological conditions and the way these may present at each point of contact 
  • Understanding the successful management of people who are neurodivergent within the delegates service area 
  • Understanding how to address barriers and make simple adjustments to create a safer environment for staff and service users. 

During the sessions we discussed different neurological conditions and highlighted common behavioural traits associated with them. We shared information on why someone with a neurological condition may present differently from somebody without. 

Following the training, 99% of attendees agreed or strongly agreed the event was relevant and helpful. All attendees said they left the session well-informed on neurodiversity.  

Professionals who took part told us they would feel confident identifying that someone may have a neurological condition after the training, and said they would feel more confident supporting or signposting to a medical professional, in the hope to better support the person to reduce or minimise their risk of offending. 



Graphic showing figures from The Brain Charity's Another Sign report. 39% of adults in police custody have a neurological condition. 62% of women had sustained a brain injury due to domestic violence at some point in their lives.

Following the end of the project an unmet need for neurodiversity training within criminal justice settings remained, prompting the roll-out of The Brain Charity’s CJS training, which is now delivered nationally.

You can find out more about The Brain Charity’s neurodiversity training within the criminal justice system by clicking here. You can also call our centre on 0151 298 2999 for more information.

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Published: 11 November 2023