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The Brain Charity calls for “drastic change” as only 3 in 10 autistic people in employment

The figures are despite the majority saying they would like to be working

Pippa Sargent, CEO of The Brain Charity, says “drastic change is needed” following the publication of a landmark report revealing only 3 in 10 people who are autistic are in employment. This figure is despite the majority saying they would like to be working.

The government-backed review highlights stigma and lack of understanding as a barrier for people with autism in the workplace. It calls for more neuro-inclusivity from employers to help fill vacancies and grow the economy.

The Brain Charity’s CEO says the recommendations, commissioned by the secretary for state of work and pensions Mel Stride and led by Sir Robert Buckland KC, are the start of necessary change.

The Brain Charity's CEO Pippa Sargent standing outside and smiling
Pippa Sargent CEO of The Brain Charity

Pippa Sargent said: “While these figures are shocking, they unfortunately do not surprise those of us who are aware of the barriers people with autism face when seeking employment.

“Everyone has the right to fair and equal opportunities in the workplace, and employers have a responsibility to ensure their processes are fully accessible. The recommendations made by Sir Robert Buckland in the report head in the right direction, however drastic change is needed in order to ensure autistic people have equal rights in the workplace.

“Adapting to become a neurodiverse workplace does not just benefit neurodivergent employees. It’s good business sense. Employers who adapt to different ways of processing and communicating allow employees to play to their strengths and the whole organisation becomes more collaborative and creative with a workforce that is innovative and varied.

“Employers who embrace neurodiversity send a clear message to all employees, customers, clients and partners about the culture of the organisation, one which is focused on creating an environment where staff are valued and can thrive. And that way, businesses thrive too, becoming more productive.”

Neurodiversity in the Workplace training

The Brain Charity delivers quality workplace training to encourage employers to support neurodivergent staff.

This is the most effective way to make your office more neurodiversity-friendly and support neurodivergent employees, which will help you improve understanding, reduce stigma and make changes to processes and policies.

All of the people who deliver our Neurodiversity in the Workplace training are either neurodivergent themselves or a parent or carer for someone who is neurodivergent. This means they, or their child, experience a neurological condition such as autism spectrum condition (ASC), dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

As a result, our trainers are able to provide the unique perspective of lived experience and share the personal challenges they have faced when seeking employment.

Read more about our Neurodiversity in the Workplace Training and view our fees and customer booking form by clicking here.

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Published: 28 February 2024