One of the unique Endura Project Heid CAT-scan cycling helmet designs

Win one of the world’s most graphic cycling helmets

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Scottish cyclewear manufacturer Endura has created the world’s most graphic cycle helmets using scans of real patients’ brain injuries from life-threatening bicycle accidents. 

The unique range, entitled Project Heid, has been created in partnership with The Brain Charity, using CAT scan representations of the traumatic brain injuries sustained by four real-life cyclists.

Each one-of-a-kind Endura helmet has a different story to tell. They are intentionally provocative, quite literally showing the potential consequences if you ride unprotected. 

The prize

Endura has now launched a prize draw for people to win the helmets. Proceeds from the prize draw will go to The Brain Charity to support our work helping people and families from all over the UK who experience first hand the devastating and catastrophic impact of damage to the brain, including from cycling accidents.

D2Z Aeroswitch Helmet

Size: M/L

Circumference (cm): 55-59

Printed with the brain scan of John Moroney, a UK cyclist who collided with a 4×4 in 2019, sustaining a right temporal extradural haematoma, a right sided skull fracture, and a left inferior frontal contusion. 

The four Endura Project Heid CAT-scan cycling helmets

Pisspot Helmet

Size: S/M

Circumference (cm): 51-56

Printed with the brain scan of an anonymous British grandfather who, after gifting his grandson a push along scooter, decided to have a go himself without wearing a helmet. The scooter hit a pothole, and he fell off, subsequently suffering right temporal lobe contusions and an acute subdural haemorrhage on impact.

FS260-Pro Helmet

Size: M/L

Circumference (cm): 55-59

Printed with the brain scan of Ian Charlesworth, a UK cyclist who was involved in a traffic collision with a HGV in 2019, suffering a serious traumatic brain injury as a result. He almost lost his life in hospital on three separate occasions.

MT500 MIPS Helmet

Size: M/L

Circumference (cm): 55-59

Printed with the brain scan of an anonymous 17-year-old boy who suffered a fall from a pushbike, while not wearing a helmet. He lost consciousness at the scene and was put into an induced coma before eventually making a steady but full recovery.

All case studies involved were consulted and keen to have their brain scans used in the project as a way of raising awareness of the dangers of not wearing a helmet, so others avoid experiencing what they have gone through.

Endura Project Heid CAT-scan design cycling helmet

The prize draw and how to enter

To be in with a chance of winning one of the four Project Heid helmets, we are holding a prize draw with each entry costing £5. 

Entries can be purchased until 11.59pm June 2nd, 2023. The winners will be notified by June 16th via email or phone and will be able to specify their first and second choice helmet options. 

To enter this prize draw you must select one of the entry reward options on our prize draw page. You can enter multiple times or purchase one of the bundles – if you select multiple entries you stand a higher chance of winning. There is no limit on how many times you can enter online.

You can also make a donation without entering the prize draw using the donation only tab toward the top of the page. 

You can also enter the competition once for free, without making a donation, by post. See the full terms and conditions on the page for details.

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Published: 5 May 2023