Another Sign: free neurodiversity training for people working with offenders

The Brain Charity launches neurodiversity training for people working with offenders

The Brain Charity’s criminal justice system neurodiversity training is free to all working with offenders or those likely to offend across Liverpool City Region

The Brain Charity has launched neurodiversity training for staff across Merseyside who work with offenders or people at risk of becoming offenders.

The aim of the training, commissioned by the Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership, is to raise awareness of neurodiversity in the criminal justice systemits impact on service delivery and how improvements can be made.

The training will be delivered by The Brain Charity’s criminal justice system team. Last year they launched our Another Sign report, which found repeat offending could be reduced if there was better training around neurodivergent conditions within the criminal justice system.

Training at The Brain Charity in Liverpool

The three hour training sessions are suitable for anyone who comes into contact with offenders in their line of work.

This includes staff working within the criminal justice system (such as within police forces, prisons, courts and the probation service) and anyone else who may work or volunteer with offenders such as housing association, drug and alcohol support service, NHS, public, third and private sector staff.

Training can be tailored to cover general awareness, operational hints and tips for front line staff or strategic topics, depending on the roles of those attending.

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Published: 4 January 2023