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Speakers announced for Head Matters 2024

A preview of our Head Matters open day

As we gear up for our much-anticipated Head Matters information event on Wednesday 22nd May, we’re delighted to announce the incredible line-up of speakers who will be joining us for this special event.

The following talks will take place throughout the day:

10.30am: Know your brain and know how to look after it

by Professor Emeritus Gus Baker, BA(Hons) PhD MSc Clinical Psychology FBPS

Professor Gus Baker
Professor Gus Baker

Gus Baker is a clinical neuropsychologist and one of our respected patrons.

With over 30 years of experience, Professor Baker is renowned for his work at the intersection of clinical practice and research in neurology.

As Secretary General of the International Bureau for Epilepsy and an executive member of the International League against Epilepsy, he is dedicated to improving the lives of those with epilepsy worldwide.

His expertise in neuropsychology, particularly in epilepsy, is globally recognized, and he has a prolific publication record of more than 300 papers, chapters and books.

He has presented at prestigious venues such as the House of Lords, the World Health Organization, and numerous conferences internationally.

Prof. Baker serves as the Vice President of Epilepsy Action Leeds UK.

11.30 am: Education to neuroqueering

by Pierce Starre

Based in Liverpool, Pierce Starre is an artist whose work blends intersectionality and neuroqueering to challenge societal norms.

Raised by deaf parents and identifying as a queer, working-class, neurodivergent individual, they draw inspiration from their diverse cultural experiences.

Pierce’s art aims to disrupt prevailing societal narratives while celebrating neuroqueering as a liberating force.

Their multidisciplinary practice incorporates live performance, visual art, and text to create immersive experiences that encourage reflection and discussion.

Pierce has showcased their work internationally, including performances at renowned venues such as Communitism in Athens and the Venice International Performance Art Week.

They have received commissions from prestigious organisations like Arts Council England and have participated in various performance platforms worldwide.

Bearded man in blue coat with glasses. He is standing with arms crossed
Pierce Starre

1pm: Miranda Lloyd, from The Neurological Alliance

Current and future campaigns

Woman with brown hair smiling at camera
Miranda Lloyd

More than 19,000 people signed a petition urging all UK governments to create a UK-wide Neuro Taskforce for change.

Miranda Lloyd, from The Neurological Alliance, will discuss the national campaign’s significance and tell us about some future campaigns.

Miranda joined The Neurological Alliance in 2021, bringing with her seven years of experience at the charity DEBRA, where she worked extensively with individuals affected by epidermolysis bullosa.

Passionate about raising awareness and advocating for inclusivity, Miranda, who herself has a neurological condition, is dedicated to creating a more equitable world.

With a background in editing and proofreading, Miranda also lends her expertise to various projects, including medical research and online content, with a focus on supporting non-native English speakers and individuals facing challenges such as disability or dyslexia.

2pm: Live debate with Roger Phillips

What’s on the Horizon? Future opportunities to support people with neurological conditions

Finally our patron Roger Phillips will chair the live debate at 2pm: Future opportunities to support people with neurological conditions.

Roger has been a patron of The Brain Charity for many years and is in regular attendance at our events.

He is a well known broadcaster who recently retired from BBC Radio Merseyside. For many years, his daily lunchtime phone-in show was essential listening for thousands.

The Brain Charity's patron Rodger Phillips
Roger Phillips

We hope you can join us on Wednesday, 22nd May between 10.00am and 3.30pm for our event visit stalls from The Brain Charity and local organizations supporting individuals with neurological conditions.

The Brain Charity singing group will be performing at the start of the day and also at lunchtime.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet The Brain Charity’s Trustees in informal sessions at the beginning and end of the day.

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Published: 1 May 2024