May 6th: The Brain Changer Arts Project is now online 

NHS Childrens’ services: If your child is unwell and you're worried, please get in touch with your GP, use NHS 111, or in serious cases, take them to hospital.

Children are less likely to become very unwell with COVID-19 than adults, but they do get sick – and when that happens, it’s important that they get the care that they need quickly.

Coronavirus in children (NHS, April 22nd)

The Contact charity's Helpful guide for families with disabled children has gone digital (April 23rd)

Coronavirus for chidren: download Axel 'Gruffalo' Scheffler's book

Free online distractions for all ages during lockdown

The Children’s Trust for children with Brain Injury, has resources for families supporting children and young people with a brain injury at this time: Coronavirus: useful resources and support

Guidance for parents and carers on supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak (Gov.UK)

Supported by B.B.C. Children in Need. Registered charity. The Brain Changer Arts Project

Thanks to generous funding from BBC Children in Need, with our Brain Changer Arts Project we are providing free dance and art workshops for children and young people, with Physiotherapy through Dance and Occupational Therapy through Art and Craft.

More at The Brain Charity for children & young people and parents & carers

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Brain Changer Arts Project for Children and Young People at The Brain Charity in Liverpool