Quilter Cheviot deliver a generous donation to The Brain Charity's dementia project

Quilter Cheviot awards The Brain Charity £150,000 as part of its dementia initiative

The funding came as part of the investment management company's national dementia initiative

We are pleased to announce that Quilter Cheviot has awarded £150,000 funding to The Brain Charity as part of our ongoing dementia project, Music Makes Us!

£50,000 will be provided to the charity per year over three years and will be used to arrange 12-week courses for people living with dementia, using dance and music as a means of non-pharmaceutical intervention.

Nanette Mellor, Chief Executive Officer at The Brain Charity said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have been awarded this funding by Quilter Cheviot and look forward to putting the money to extremely good use. Research has shown that listening to music and its therapeutic properties has a number of positive effects which include delayed cognitive deterioration, improved mood, physical fitness and social interaction.”

The funding will also go towards ongoing monitoring and evaluation reports as well as the production of two films which will be published online to enable other organisations to replicate similar training sessions.

Mark Macleod, Chief Financial Officer at Quilter Cheviot, and chair of the firm’s dementia panel, said: “We are delighted to support The Brain Charity. The panel members and I truly believe that their innovative methods will continue to help people with dementia as well as ease pressure on both social care and health services.

“The average age of Quilter Cheviot’s clients is 64. Given the nature of our cross-generational client base we are highly cognisant of the issues facing people with dementia, and this is one of the reasons we launched our national Dementia Initiative”

Quilter Cheviot previously provided training to 19 Dementia Champions across its regional office network. These Dementia Champions act as experts and train other employees across the business to better understand the challenges of living with dementia.

To date, 80% of client-facing employees at Quilter Cheviot have been trained in understanding dementia and recognising some of the common signs of the disease.

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Published: 17 March 2021