Famous teddy bear Bearsac outside The Brain Charity

Famous teddy Bearsac visits Brain Charity’s centre

Bearsac the teddy has met more than 200 famous people

We were most flattered to welcome Bearsac, a famous teddy bear, to The Brain Charity when he and his human, Debra, made a visit to Liverpool recently.  

Debra, from Borehamwood, Herts, has Asperger’s syndrome and she uses the toy as her medium of communication with the world. In turn, he helps her overcome sensory overload.  

Bearsac is the star of Debra’s book, ‘Travels with my Teddy Bear‘, which is both a travel memoir and an illustration of the highs and lows of being autistic from a female perspective.  

Bearsac inside The Brain Charity
Bearsac in The Brain Charity’s reception

The intrepid teddy has met more than 200 famous people and accompanied his owner on trips all over the world.  

Debra and Bearsac were visiting Liverpool to see Andrea Bocelli at the M&S Bank Arena, and Bearsac even managed to get a photo with the star himself!

They popped into The Brain Charity’s centre to check out our cafe and services on offer.

Find out more about this incredible assistance bear and his owner online here: www.bearsac.com  

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Published: 24 December 2022