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Help filling in a form at The Brain Charity

Paul’s subarachnoid haemorrhage story: “I had to relearn how to walk and fell into debt. The Brain Charity was a breath of fresh air”

Single dad Paul couldn't work after his subarachnoid brain haemorrhage and got into debt.

Category: Welfare benefits

Published: 28 April 2022

A woman's hands holding an empty purse

Mary’s autism story: “Welfare benefits applications are so stressful – The Brain Charity was a total game changer”

Helping Mary apply for DLA and PIP reduced the financial pressures on her family.

Category: Welfare benefits

Published: 10 May 2022

Kamani and her husband

Kamani’s functional neurological disorder story: “Applying for PIP left me feeling anxious and helpless – the Brain Charity helped me change my life”

Kamani was left without financial support after her PIP application was rejected.

Category: Welfare benefits

Published: 20 June 2022

Shirley at home

Shirley’s syringomyelia story: “Just 0.008% of people have my rare condition – The Brain Charity stopped me from becoming a recluse”

Shirley was diagnosed with syringomyelia – a fluid-filled cyst known as a syrinx that grows

Category: Welfare benefits

Published: 28 September 2022

Dominick, who received support from The Brain Charity after experiencing an AVM

Dominick’s AVM story: “I thought I was too young to have a stroke at 24 – The Brain Charity motivated me to keep going”

Dominick learned to walk and talk again following 9-hour brain surgery to remove the arteriovenous

Category: Welfare benefits

Published: 19 April 2022

Paul began volunteering at \the Brain Charity following his diagnosis with motor neurone disease

Paul’s Motor Neurone Disease story: “The spirit of community at The Brain Charity makes me feel better about life”

Paul's MND means he can't work - he now volunteers at The Brain Food Cafe.

Category: Welfare benefits

Published: 1 November 2021

Lindsey's Multiple Sclerosis story header

Lindsey’s MS story: “Diagnosis was like falling into a hole – The Brain Charity’s help was life-changing”

Lindsey was diagnosed with MS in October 2020.

Category: Welfare benefits

Published: 21 September 2021

The Brain Charity supported Sarah following a traumatic brain injury

Sarah’s brain injury story: “My head turned 180 degrees – The Brain Charity freed me from staring at four walls”

Doctors thought her dystonia and FND were a muscle injury or slipped disc.

Category: Welfare benefits

Published: 15 March 2021

Ian was supported by The Brain Charity following a traumatic brain injury

Ian’s brain injury story: “I forgot my wife and kids after I was brutally attacked by a stranger on Christmas Eve”

The dad-of-three was punched to the floor and hit his head on the kerb.

Category: Welfare benefits

Published: 15 March 2021

Stephen says The Brain Charity was a life saver

Stephen’s COVID-19 story: “It’s no exaggeration to say The Brain Charity was a life saver”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, The Brain Charity's weekly call was his only social interaction.

Category: Welfare benefits

Published: 30 June 2021