Neurodiversity training from The Brain Charity

Each person has a brain that is unique to them; no two brains are quite the same.

For at least 20% of the adult population in the UK, these differences mean they are diagnosed with well-known conditions like autism, dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as well as many much rarer neurological conditions too.

Why hire a neurodiverse workforce?

Hiring a neurodiverse workforce comes with huge advantages.

a neurodiverse workforce comes with huge advantages

In addition to accessing a greater talent pool, people who are neurodiverse think differently. With that comes creativity, new ideas and fresh perspectives. Diversity is key to the development and progression of any organisation.

As well as their individual strengths, neurodiverse employees possess highly desirable skills and attributes, such as:

  • Reliability, conscientiousness, and persistence
  • Technical ability
  • Detailed factual knowledge and an excellent memory
  • Attention to detail and the ability to identify errors
  • High levels of intellect and thinking
  • Creativity especially in visual or spatial or process activities
  • High levels of concentration

Where are employers going wrong?

Unfortunately, a huge percentage of employers disregard this talent pool, unaware that their recruitment, onboarding or retention policies aren’t as inclusive, attractive or diverse as they should be.

Data from the Office for National Statistics indicates just 22% of autistic adults are in employment.

How can The Brain Charity help?

The Brain Charity provides bespoke neurodiversity training for offices and workplaces across the UK.

Training at The Brain Charity in Liverpool

We have developed a range of training packages to support organisations to understand what neurodiversity is and how to support neurodiverse individuals in the workplace.

This includes:

  • Support to achieve inclusive recruitment processes, policies and workspaces
  • Awareness sessions on how to support people who are neurodiverse and/or have neurological conditions in the workplace

Training packages can be comprehensively tailored to suit all organisations.

Our employment team can also:

  • Promote your neurodiversity-friendly job opportunities to more than 20,000 social media followers
  • Support you to become a Disability Confident employer
  • Give advice and support regarding adjustments to work and available grants
  • Provide on-going support to your candidates if they are hired
  • Direct candidates we work with to your job roles

For more information on neurodiversity in the workplace training, to sign up as one of our partner employers or to speak to us about vacancies contact or call 0151 298 2999 and ask for Ged Bretherton, Business Development Manager.